• Assassin's Creed Chronicles: Russia

    Assassin's creed chronicles: Russia

    Game Version: v 1.0.8767.0 [New Version]

    Genre: Action

    Take a trip to 1918 Russia in the action-adventure adventure Assassin's creed chronicles: Russia. Take control of Nikolai Orlov, who is tasked with stealing a powerful artifact, a certain casket located in the palace. The main character in the mission will witness the execution of the royal family, but he will be able to save the emperor's daughter, Anastasia.

  • Age of Empires 4

    Age of Empires 4

    Game Version: v 5.0.7274.0 + 2 DLc [New Version]

    Genre: Strategy

    Age of Empires 4 is a computer game in the Real Time Strategy genre. This is the third sequel to the original game and the first to be worked on by a new development studio, which was not involved in the work on the trilogy. The announcement, which took place back in 2017, was a great gift for fans of the series on the anniversary of the appearance of the franchise - in 1997.

  • Making History: The Great War

    Making History: The Great War

    Game Version: v 1.0.60687.36 + The Red Army - complete Edition [New Version]

    Genre: Indi

    Making History: The Great War is a turn-based strategy game set in the World War I setting. You have numerous challenges on the battlefield, where there will be a real battle of attrition. Lead infantry, punishment squads, use vehicles and artillery barrages. Take charge of all the nations involved in the war.

    World War I ushered in a new era, finally killing off the 19th century era.

  • Toy Soldiers: HD

    Toy Soldiers: HD

    Game Version: v 1.2.91 [New Version]

    Genre: Action

    Toy Soldiers: HD takes you back to World War I, where human soldiers are replaced by their toy counterparts. The user is given the role of commander, who will lead his troops into battle. The project simulates many situations that will force tactical flexibility, adapt to the situation and competently manage the allocated space.

  • Walden, a game

    Walden, a game

    Game Version: v 2019.03.22 122

    Genre: Adventure

    Walden, a game - a first-person adventure, where you will play as Henry David Thoreau, exploring the vast natural beauty of the forest near the town of Walden Pond. The area includes the suburbs and the lake. A boat is available in the game, allowing you to take a ride on the sea surroundings. The game features peace and contemplation. Walden, a game features dynamic weather: bright sun, torrential rain and a heavy snowstorm - the atmosphere and visual design of the game change depending on the weather phenomena.

  • Steel Division: Normandy 44

    Steel Division: Normandy 44

    Game Version: v 300093748 + 4 DLc [New Version]

    Genre: Action

    Real Time Strategy - Steel Division: Normandy 44 - depicts the real time events of World War 2 as it delves into the Normandy events. Tactical superiority in war simulator will help you more than a huge army, because the strategy is designed for intellectual superiority over the enemy. Historical authenticity of events is dictated by orders, the behavior of commanders, replicas and the overall structure of the missions.

  • Imperivm RTC: HD Edition - Great Battles of Rome

    Imperivm RTc: HD Edition - Great Battles of Rome

    Game Version: Full Last Release

    Genre: Strategy

    In the strategy game Imperivm RTc: HD Edition - "Great Battles of Rome" Lead the greatest empire to conquer all existing civilizations. choose from 7 powers: Rome, Egypt, Britain, Germany, Gaul, Spain, and carthage. Each faction has its own unique characteristics, buildings, and units.

    All the powers have their own leader, including Julius caesar, Augustus, cleopatra, Hannibal, Queen Boudicca, Vercingetorix, Viriatus, Arminius, and many others.



    Game Version: v 1.0.9 [New Version]

    Genre: Strategy

    Real-time strategy with dinosaurs, magic, science, and strange technology - WAR PARTY - shows that once upon a time on earth lived a small handful of people who controlled all the processes of nature with the help of magical spells. After a certain period of time, this civilization went extinct, and it took about a billion years after nature was able to bring itself back to proper form, populating the earth with dinosaurs and wild beasts.

  • Egypt: Old Kingdom

    Egypt: Old Kingdom

    Game Version: v 2.0.4d + DLc [New Version]

    Genre: Indi

    Egypt: Old Kingdom - create your own Egyptian civilization. The events of the story cover the Ancient and Early Kingdoms of Egypt, and take place in the historic center - Memphis. Led by the player at the beginning of the company, just a couple of settlers who have migrated from the Upper city to the Lower city, in 3500 B.c.

  • Magdalena


    Game Version: Full Last Release

    Genre: Adventure

    Magdalena is a visual adventure novel with references to Edgar Allan Poe. "Magdalena..." The only name that sticks in the protagonist's mind is "Magdalene. "But what is that name? Why do I know it and why does it haunt me??".

    That's what we have to find out. The main character is George. He's been through some creepy, blood-cold events. We know that light helps our hero to reconstruct scraps of events in his memory.

  • The Last Roman Village

    The Last Roman Village

    Game Version: Full Last Release

    Genre: Adventure

    The goal of The Last Roman Village is to protect the Emperor from invaders: orcs, troll skeletons, minotaurs, and goblins. Also present 10 unusual bosses. The game starts with a tiny settlement, which as you progress you can develop through new buildings. Each object has its own characteristics and affects the defense of the village: houses add inhabitants, wooden walls slow enemy attacks, defensive towers help repel attacks.

  • Day of Infamy

    Day of Infamy

    Game Version: v - Deluxe Edition

    Genre: Action

    Day of Infamy was originally created as a mod for Insurgency, but soon became an independent addon in the shooter genre in the World War II setting. The action of multiplayer tactical simulator takes place in Europe. The game maps are recreated based on the military conflicts that unfolded in the 41-45s of the last century.

    The process is based on World War II military operations:

    • Battle of Normandy and Beach Landing, a 1944 operation conducted by the Union to liberate the country from the Nazis.

  • Battlestations Pacific

    Battlestations Pacific

    Game Version: Full Last Release

    Genre: Action

    Many developers have tried to portray the action of World War II, and some have failed to portray the authenticity of the event due to poor gameplay, some have rewritten the script to suit themselves, but the studio that created Battlestations Pacific, a third-person strategy game, was able to put all the components of a modern game on the line and add a truly valuable product to the game industry world.

  • Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator

    Potion craft: Alchemist Simulator

    Game Version: v 0.4.5 | Early Access [New Version]

    Genre: RPG

    Potion craft: Alchemist Simulator - elaborated alchemist simulator, the main feature of which is high variability, the ability to create your own recipes and communicate with customers in the shop for selling personal creations. The 2D graphics colorfully visualize any process that takes place while you are in the game, such as gathering resources, grinding herbs in a mortar, trading with traveling merchants, or writing a new recipe.

  • Myastere -Ruins of Deazniff-

    Myastere -Ruins of Deazniff-

    Game Version: Full Last Release

    Genre: Action

    Myastere -Ruins of Deazniff- is a fast-paced side-scroller that allows you to take on countless enemies, overcome obstacles, and solve countless puzzles. The setting is steampunk-style. The environment combines elements of Victorian style and modern times.

    To explore the ancient ruins.



    Game Version: v [New Version]

    Genre: RPG

    ROMANcE OF THE THREE KINGDOMS 13 brings you into the world of ancient china and the legends of the Three Kingdoms. It's never quiet, and the inhabitants interact both in spectacular battles and outside of battles. Players must create a strategy, expand territories, and write their own story.

    You can go one of three ways

    • Ruler of the Principality.

  • Children of the Nile: Alexandria

    children of the Nile: Alexandria

    Game Version: v

    Genre: Strategy

    children of the Nile: Alexandria - historical strategy with elements of management. children of the Nile: Alexandria is a great addon to the city-building project of the same name, adding a new campaign showing the story of the emergence of a city like Alexandria. Gameplay uses innovative city-building mechanics, allowing you to create a personal dynasty.



    Game Version: v build 180526 + DLcs [New Version]

    Genre: Strategy

    In HUMANKIND THE 4X Strategy the player will have to lead his own civilization through all eras of human development. Develop cities, build armies, and manage units in land and sea battles. A fictional planet is created procedurally and includes many regions. At the start of the playthrough, they are not occupied by anyone, but gradually new rulers appear and territories are taken over by other factions.

  • Warrior Beneath Heaven

    Warrior Beneath Heaven

    Game Version: Full Last Release

    Genre: Action

    Warrior Beneath Heaven is a teeth-grinding swordfighting game set in 730 Bc, the year when many travelers came to china via Silk Road. Tang Dynasty rules the land. However, the country has been at war for 25 years by Emperor Xuanzong. He has decided to seize power over the nearest lands. Shangguan Yan, a refugee, manages to escape and settle in the western region, the Tian Mountains.

  • Through the Ages

    Through the Ages

    Game Version: v 2.11.42 + DLc [New Version]

    Genre: Indi

    Through the Ages is a port of the iconic board game adapted for personal computers. Much less time-consuming as compared to the original in the digital version. Instead of 4-8 hours per game session, you get a maximum of 1 hour because the computer does the math.

    The concept of Through the Ages is reminiscent of civilization titles.

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