• Kohan 2: Kings of War

    Kohan 2: Kings of War

    Game Version: v K2 [New Version]

    Genre: Strategy

    Kohan 2: Kings of War is a strategy game with the immortal warriors of the immortal race of Kohan at the center of the story. They are fighting a long war on the planet Haldun for the right to be the most powerful civilization in the universe. While their conflict continues, a third party enters the battle arena - the ancient forces of evil, eager to regain their former glory.

  • Fortix


    Game Version: Full Last Release

    Genre: Indi

    Fortix is an arcade fantasy game where you must reclaim the lands of your ancestors. The fact is that evil forces have taken over the magical kingdom of Fortian. You are the only hero who can stop the evil-doers and wrest the castle from the mighty dragons. Fortix gameplay is a mix of arcade action and strategy.

    Explore maps to corral enemies.

  • The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard

    The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard

    Game Version: v ( [New Version]

    Genre: Action

    The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard - third-person adventure, which includes dozens of differences from the original projects. Events unfold in the universe of The Elder Scrolls. The player enters Tamriel in the year 864 of the 2nd Age. Will have to take control over a young Redguard named cyrus. He finds himself on the island of Stros M-cai to get to and rescue his missing sister.

  • Little Dragons Café

    Little Dragons café

    Game Version: Full Last Release

    Genre: Adventure

    Little Dragons café is about a brother and sister who learn to cook and help their mother run a café. One Day Their Mother Didn't Wake Up. An old man appears and says that the children need to raise a dragon. He will help them save their mom. You get to run the family business, raise and raise a dragon, and embark on an intense adventure exploring a huge open world.



    Game Version: v 2120.1231.10.42

    Genre: Action

    HOARD is a strategy game in the spirit of a real board game. Presented analogue of the playing field on which you move the characters in the form of figures and build a magical state. HOARD is an addition to Dynamite Roll, adding 9 new maps, many additional items, characters, etc. to the game.д.

    The game's main emphasis is on multiplayer.

  • Block Story

    Block Story

    Game Version: v 13.1.0

    Genre: Action

    Block Story is a survival sandbox, similar to Minecraft. Virtual universe is home to dragons, undead, and fairy tale creatures. Use your imagination to transform the world.

    Explore, mine resources, tame animals, build cities, and cast sorceries - this sandbox game is open to all creativity. Unlock secrets, meet mythical creatures and improve your gear with the crafting system.

  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

    Game Version: v [New Version]

    Genre: Action

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR is a special edition of the beloved open-world role-playing game. Now that same open world is even closer to the player, even more alive and realistic. But not all Pc gamers will be able to touch it, and only those who have a set of virtual reality gadgets: helmet and controllers.

    Skyrim comes alive all around you.

  • Shining Resonance Refrain

    Shining Resonance Refrain

    Game Version: v 1.00.1618

    Genre: Action

    Shining Resonance Refrain is a traditional Japanese-style story-role-playing game, based on a fascinating plot of confrontation between good and evil.

    The storyline unfolds in a fantasy world ruled by mighty dragon creatures. The spirit of one of the dragons, lives in the main character, who has long held the power deep within.

  • Circle Empires Rivals

    circle Empires Rivals

    Game Version: v 2.0.33 [New Version]

    Genre: Action

    circle Empires Rivals is a multiplayer strategy game where a friend can become your sworn enemy. You must fight many enemies, hunt monsters, and gather resources. Strategy is a fast-paced game with randomly generated maps. It is noteworthy that unlike the standard square shape, arenas in circle Empires Rivals are exclusively in the shape of a circle.

  • Game of Thrones - A Telltale Games Series

    Game of Thrones - A Telltale Games Series

    Game Version: Full Last Release

    Genre: Adventure

    Game of Thrones - A Telltale Games Series is an open-world, third-person action-adventure role-playing video game. The story is set in a fictional world in which there are dragons, the walking dead, and war, between human. The player will take control of one or two main characters, each with their own storyline in a different part of Westeros.

  • Cat Quest

    cat Quest

    Game Version: v 1.2.4

    Genre: Action

    cat Quest - a role-playing adventure in a world inhabited by kittens. You will take control of a warrior cat to rescue your sister, who has been kidnapped by the insidious Draco. Travel through the vast kingdom of Felingard, descend into dungeons and earn loot.

    In towns, you can interact with secondary characters and complete their quests, earning rewards or making new furry friends.

  • The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim Legendary Edition

    The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim Legendary Edition

    Game Version: v + DLcs + Mods [New Version]

    Genre: Action

    The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim Legendary Edition is an action-adventure RPG. You will become the hero the citizens of Skyrim have long awaited - the chosen Dragonborn who will save the universe from destruction.

    An open world with many magical characters and a large number of quests in the main and secondary stories are at the player's disposal.

  • The Falconeer

    The Falconeer

    Game Version: v Warrior Edition + DLcs + Bonus [New Version]

    Genre: Action

    The Falconeer's plot tells the story of the mysteries of already forgotten gods and ancient civilizations. The game combines sci-fi, action and role-playing elements in a world-ocean placed on the Great Ursi. Take control of an armed man and a huge bird to soar upward and explore a gradually crumbling and beautiful world. constant battles take place over vast territories between warlike units and factions, battling for the secrets and mysteries hidden in these places.

  • FlowScape


    Game Version: Full Last Release

    Genre: Indi

    FlowScape is a location creation simulator, in which you can create colorful worlds by adding various flora and fauna to the map from a huge number of tools. create your own biomes, placing forests, bodies of water, mountains, plains and many other scenic areas on the expanse of level. You can choose from 20 different landscapes and a library of objects, which has about 300 creatures or elements of nature.

  • Dragon Age: Origins

    Dragon Age: Origins

    Game Version: v 1.05(A) + DLc - Ultimate Edition [New Version]

    Genre: Action

    Dragon Age: Origins is a fantasy setting party role-playing game set in the fictional world of Tedas, in the kingdom of Ferelden. The plot starts at the moment when the forces of darkness invade. To save the kingdom, the Order of the Grey Guardians gathers the best fighters, while stopping a civil war. Now a new recruit to the Guardians must embark on a rugged adventure.

  • Dragon Age: Origins Awakening

    Dragon Age: Origins Awakening

    Game Version: v 1.05 - Ultimate Edition [New Version]

    Genre: Action

    Awakening is the story-driven add-on to the fantasy role-playing adventure Dragon Age: Origins. Released six months after the original game.

    Transfer a character you created in Origins or make a new one in the detailed editor, give it a name, choose a gender, and completely personalize it to your liking. The story will send the protagonist to the erling Amaranthain - the former territory of the now deceased Randon Howe.

  • Lineage 2: Essence

    Lineage 2: Essence

    Game Version: v P.210714.211116.1 [New Version]

    Genre: Action

    Lineage 2: Essence is an improved version of the original project. In the gameplay introduced a new race of Sylphs, a tribe of the people of Artei. Their destiny began when the Wind God Saiha used his divine powers and the Sylphs became his minions. They look like angels, but have the power of powerful dragons and wind magic. In combat, use firearms and effective abilities that deal instant damage.

  • The Tenth Line

    The Tenth Line

    Game Version: v 1.0.7 [New Version]

    Genre: Adventure

    The Tenth Line mixes genres such as platformer, JRPG and puzzle. Accordingly the game is divided into 3 phases: travel to locations, fight enemies and pumping. The story takes place in a fantasy world inhabited by humans, anthropomorphic animals, and dragons. The story is about a princess of the little nation of Easania. After the death of the Skyweather King, she travels far from home with a fox named Rik and a reptile named Rix.

  • ARK: Survival Evolved

    ARK: Survival Evolved

    Game Version: v 678.51 + DLcs [New Version]

    Genre: Action

    World - ARK: Survival Evolved is a dangerous setting in which not only dinosaurs, but other creatures will try to kill you. People become especially dangerous. In the game there is no interesting plot, but there is a huge open world in which you have to build your base, hunt with a group of people (your friends), attack, defend, make weapons and explore the area.

  • Nomads of Driftland

    Nomads of Driftland

    Game Version: v 1.0.48a [New Version]

    Genre: Indi

    Nomads of Driftland is a township simulator with epic story goals and graphics. The world map, split into sectors after the war of the ancient mages, is represented by islands drifting in the sky, supported by a powerful spell cast by the opposing factions on the day of the armistice concluded centuries ago. However, the relative balance is once again upset by strife, so that all life on the planet Driftland is about to die.

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