Racing and Driving games for pc [Free full download]

A racing video game is a genre of first- or third-person computer game in which the player participates in a racing competition between land, water, air or space vehicles. These competitions can be based on a real-life racing series, or they can take place in entirely fictional settings.
  • Jidousha Shakai

    Jidousha Shakai

    Game Version: v Build 06.12.2018 | Early Access [New Version]

    Genre: Sport

    Jidousha Shakai is a racing simulator focused entirely on gameplay, without the distractions of cinematic storytelling. The game supports collecting statistics to be sent to the leaderboard, marks racer's achievements with special awards and allows you to connect the controller to control it. In addition to single-player races across open spaces, gamers from all corners of the globe will find a multiplayer mode for teaming up and competing together and spending their leisure time in the expanses of the virtual world.

  • The Caregiver

    The caregiver

    Game Version: Full Last Release

    Genre: Survival

    The caregiver is a first person shooter horror. The passage is created in the style of VHS film, conveying the look of cRT screens. On the monitor, the player will have tape noise, phosphor screen spreading, interlaced scanning, analog video shaking, and other effects that help achieve believable horror. The protagonist is a caregiver who finds himself in a structure of Japanese character.

  • Lumberjacks Dynasty

    Lumberjacks Dynasty

    Game Version: v 1.04.2 - Digital Supporter Edition [New Version]

    Genre: Adventure

    In Lumberjack's Dynasty, the player will encounter an interesting life simulation. You will have to take on the role of a lumberjack. The game will be a mix of business and role-playing elements, available to pump skills and various abilities.

    The main character inherited a small sawmill from his deceased father. It's about time you made an entire empire out of it, especially since a picturesque forest stretches all around.

  • Revhead


    Game Version: v 1.4.7853 + DLc

    Genre: Sport

    In the car racing simulator Revhead, the user has to design his own car. The main character has an acquaintance by the name of charlie, great at building cars. He invites the central character to Australia for the latter to do something for him. Need to win competitions and get recognition from charlie, then he will create better vehicles.

  • Farming Simulator 19

    Farming Simulator 19

    Game Version: v + All DLc - Platinum Expansion [New Version]

    Genre: Strategy

    Farming Simulator 19 is a masterpiece in the world of economic and urban simulation, where we have to develop our own farm to unbelievable size. The game that made a technological breakthrough in the field of farming simulators. Previous parts of the franchise were not so bad: an advanced economic system, minimum bugs and lags, but the new developments have brought.

  • Heavy Metal Machines

    Heavy Metal Machines

    Game Version: v 2.05.956

    Genre: Action

    Dynamic game in the MOBA genre, where you will scatter space in your machine, which is upgraded after each battle. In a post-apocalyptic metal world, you will have to destroy towers, break down the main structure, resist your opponents in machines with guns. Heavy Metal Machines is a unique opportunity to fight in cars of different classes with their own guns, features and abilities, buying new cars.

  • Network Q RAC Rally Championship

    Network Q RAc Rally championship

    Game Version: Full Last Release

    Genre: Sport

    Network Q RAc Rally championship is a racing game. As the name implies, this game is all about rallying. At the time of its release, the project boasted believable weather effects. They not only set the atmosphere, but also influence the gameplay. For example: in rain and snow, clutch problems begin. Graphics at the time were also considered very realistic.

  • American Fugitive

    American Fugitive

    Game Version: v 1.1.19095 [New Version]

    Genre: Action

    The protagonist of American Fugitive is Will Riley, falsely accused of murdering his own father. Even a law-abiding citizen can be driven insane by such a blatant injustice, but Will wants to get to the bottom of who is really guilty of murder and who set him up in the first place. The action is set in 1980s America and filled with the nostalgic spirit of movies and games of yesteryear.

  • Rick Rack

    Rick Rack

    Game Version: Full Last Release

    Genre: Sport

    Rick Rack's gameplay is based on a time loop, where each driver goes to the same destination at the same time, takes the same route, and gets to the designated location at the designated time. All drivers need to get to the least dangerous way. You will have to control all the cars at the same time. Inspired by the movie Donnie Darko, this game asks the question: What happens if you change your route one day??

    All of your choices have consequences and affect the overall course of history.

  • SnowRunner


    Game Version: v 16.5 + 21 DLc - Premium Edition [New Version]

    Genre: Simulator

    The main difference between SnowRunner and many other trucking simulators is that there are no smooth roads, highways or autobahns. Only snow, dirt and insurmountable obstacles.

    The game meets interesting and varied tasks, extensive maps and, most importantly, a wide range of vehicles: off-road vehicles, tractors, all-terrain vehicles and trucks.

  • Project CARS

    Project cARS

    Game Version: v 11.2 + DLcs - Game of the Year Edition [New Version]

    Genre: Action

    Project cARS is a realistic car simulator, which is worth the attention of any connoisseur of beautiful games and quality car racing.

    It is worth noting that even before its release, this game was striking for its graphical performance, which has not changed after its release. High level of detail in cars, particles, effects and tracks, allowing you to enjoy the gameplay of.

  • Bus Driver

    Bus Driver

    Game Version: v Build 286553 [New Version]

    Genre: Indi

    Bus Driver is an excellent bus simulator with an immersive experience.

    At the beginning of the game you will be faced with the task of first passing your Driver's License, then getting behind the wheel. It is very addictive in its realism and makes you spend many game hours passing. You'll be faced with a rigorous transportation schedule that allows you to successfully time your refueling and snacks between trips.

  • CrashMetal - Cyberpunk

    crashMetal - cyberpunk

    Game Version: Full Last Release

    Genre: Action

    crashMetal - cyberpunk is a racing game with a big open city for free riding. The action is set in an area with cyberpunk style. Players are able to explore all areas of the game map and stumble upon hidden locations. The city features live traffic controlled by artificial intelligence. To give the appearance of live traffic, there are occasional accidents on the road, there is an extensive range of vehicles for AI and similar behavior.

  • BallisticNG


    Game Version: v 1.2 - Deluxe Edition [New Version]

    Genre: Action

    BallisticNG - a dynamic racing simulator in the sci-fi setting of the distant future, in which all the available technology has made an unprecedented leap thanks to the hard work of the best minds of the human race. In 2159, battles on the tracks take place in vehicles equipped with an anti-gravity unit that allows you to hover over the ground.

  • Need for Speed Underground

    Need for Speed Underground

    Game Version: v 1.4 [New Version]

    Genre: Action

    Need for Speed Underground is a racing arcade game inspired by the film "Forsage". Gameplay is represented by several types of races and global customization. Racers compete in the neon-lit metropolis of Olympic city. The player as a rookie challenges the best drivers in the city and tries to defeat the King of the Underground.

    There are 6 types of races in NFS: Underground:

    • Lap - you need to finish the final lap first;
    • Race to Elimination - Whoever finishes a lap last is eliminated;
    • Sprint - a race from point A to point B, where it is required to arrive first;
    • Drift - with the help of the skid, you need to score the maximum number of points;
    • Drag Racing - racing in a straight line with timely gear shifting;
    • Test Drive - practice, where the player can

  • Dark Future: Blood Red States

    Dark Future: Blood Red States

    Game Version: Full Last Release

    Genre: Action

    Dark Future: Blood Red States is a sci-fi strategy game based on physics. America, 2025, the government is gone, and the protagonist is one of the few who fight criminal gangs on the roads. The likes of the protagonist try to make a living by destroying criminals for a reward, or taking what they've gained.

    The game is an action-racing game in which the player will take a direct part.

  • DiRT Rally 2.0

    DiRT Rally 2.0

    Game Version: v 1.18.0 - Game of the Year Edition [New Version]

    Genre: Action

    Arcade Rally car Simulator - DiRT Rally 2.0 - returns in its second version. Now we will have to race through many tracks in all corners of the world, to prove that we are the only worthy winner of the rally-cross! The developers have added several unique off-road vehicles that have only been created by humans, so one mistake or speed shifted not in time will cause us a fatal outcome.

  • Race With Ryan

    Race With Ryan

    Game Version: v Deluxe Edition [New Version]

    Genre: Action

    Race With Ryan gives players a cool setting and epic special effects while racing! choose one of several characters and go to a magical location to participate in epic races. Step on the gas to overtake your opponents and collect a variety of bonuses on the road.

    This is not the easiest and most honest championship, in which you will participate.

  • Bike Rush

    Bike Rush

    Game Version: v 1.0

    Genre: Action

    Bike Rush is an arcade based racing game with VR support. creators were inspired by the chase scenes from adventure movies. Originally the plan was to have a car in the game, but soon it was realized that it would be better to use motorcycle in the virtual reality game, because it would be more convenient to control it and generally improve the overall impression of the race.

  • NASCAR Heat 4

    NAScAR Heat 4

    Game Version: v Gold Edition

    Genre: Sport

    Test your driving skills in NAScAR Heat 4. The game licensed by NAScAR itself. And this means the closest to the real racing process. Over 30 real-life race tracks brought to the virtual world with precision. Every single parameter of your car can be manually adjusted by the user, adjusting it to a specific type of track or type of racing competition.

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