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Action or action (similar to the film genre) is a genre of computer games that emphasises the exploitation of the player's physical abilities, including eye-hand coordination and reaction speed. The genre comes in many varieties from fighting games, shooters and platformers, which are considered the most important to the genre, to MOBAs and some real-time strategies, which may be classified as action.
  • Tales of Berseria

    Tales of Berseria

    Game Version: v + DLc [New Version]

    Genre: Action

    Tales of Berseria is a modern and one of the best representatives of the Japanese RPG genre, known as a JRPG. All the traditional attributes of the genre: memorable characters that you fall in love with at first sight, charismatic protagonist (in this case the heroine), interesting and thoughtful plot, a huge number of abilities, and the visual style, which is a direct reference to the Japanese animation.

  • Diablo 2: Resurrected

    Diablo 2: Resurrected

    Game Version: v 1.0.66477 [New Version]

    Genre: Action

    Diablo 2: Resurrected - remake of cult Diablo 2 and the Lord of Destruction expansion pack. Gameplay and storyline have not changed. Improvements have only affected the visual aspect of the project, as well as updating some of the mechanics of the game. The structure of levels completely follows the original. 2D blueprints have been completely replaced with high-polygonal three-dimensional models.

  • Divine Divinity

    Divine Divinity

    Game Version: v [New Version]

    Genre: Action

    Divine Divinity's storyline unfolds in Rivellon. Here a densely populated territory turns into a bloody world where 7 races are at war with each other. Humans, wizards, elves, orcs, lizards, dwarves, and demons can't calm each other down in search of the Blade of Lies that once stopped the war. Once upon a time a human-looking chaos Lord came to the world of Rivellon, summoned demons and tried to take over the world.

  • The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

    The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

    Game Version: v 1.3.1 [New Version]

    Genre: Action

    The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing is an isometric-camera action-lescher, where the player will have to take on the role of a famous hunter of monsters that terrorize the common people and try to take over the planet Earth in order to live there. The setting of the project was a gothic noir of the fictional power of Borgovia, in which science is seriously developed, and there is a place for magical energy.

  • Dragon Age 2

    Dragon Age 2

    Game Version: v 1.04 + DLc [New Version]

    Genre: Action

    Dragon Age 2 is the sequel to the iconic role-playing game, with events unfolding over 8 years, covering the beginning of the events of the previous installment and continuing its story after the finale.

    The game's main character is Hawk (gender available for selection), who is trying to escape from Mora. He and his family escape from Lottering to the Free Brand. There enters service as Defender of the Kirkwall.

  • GUILT: The Deathless

    GUILT: The Deathless

    Game Version: (Early Access) The latest version

    Genre: RPG

    GUILT: The Deathless is a role-playing adventure made using mechanics from the genres "roguelike" and "souls-like". Thanks to the first, the project has constantly changing locations that are randomly generated by a special artificial intelligence, and with the help of features of the second combat system is rather hardcore and applies evasion and parry, helping to defeat the enemy.

  • Arx Fatalis

    Arx Fatalis

    Game Version: v 1.22 + Arx Libertatis/Neuralis [New Version]

    Genre: Action

    Arx Fatalis is a first-person role-playing adventure set in the world of Exost. After a mystical meteorite fell on the planet, the Sun gradually began to die. All races joined together to build an underground refuge with biospheres and tunnels. In the bowels of the planet they discovered many other inhabitants, who were not at all happy to see their new guests.

  • LEGRAND LEGACY: Tale of the Fatebounds

    LEGRAND LEGAcY: Tale of the Fatebounds

    Game Version: v 2.0

    Genre: Action

    The story of classic Japanese role-playing game begins with a gladiator-slave. All his life he was fighting in a closed location, just to be paid and fed, but at one point super-powers awaken in him. In LEGRAND LEGAcY: Tale of the Fatebounds game perfectly engineered movement mechanics, game physics and graphics, although at first glance, it does not stand out.

  • The Dwarves

    The Dwarves

    Game Version: v 1.2.1 - Digital Deluxe Edition [New Version]

    Genre: Action

    The Dwarves is a role-playing game with an emphasis on tactics, based on the novel "Lord of the Dwarves" by Marcus Heitz. Developed by the German company King Art Games, the project features a fascinating story, challenging battles, and a wide range of weapons and powerful equipment.

    The player awaits large-scale real-time battles with a variety of monsters, including orcs, zombies, dark wizards, and other evil creatures with devastating powers.

  • Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan

    Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan

    Game Version: Full Last Release

    Genre: Action

    Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan is a plunge into the mysterious ancient atmosphere of a fictional alternate past that intersects with fantasy elements. In a world where people have a strong magical relationship with the spirits of previous generations, you must have respect for your ancestors and learn about history. Players will have to explore two-dimensional locations, visiting secret and forgotten places, trying to find and stop the connection with their dead kindred spirits.

  • Brutal Legend

    Brutal Legend

    Game Version: v b81337 [New Version]

    Genre: Action

    The game tells the long story of heavy metal, Eddie Riggs, who helps rock bands put on concerts. He is responsible for the sound, decorations, lighting, and getting people to come listen to the music. One day, however, he takes on an order: to do the best rock concert for the world's worst metal band. But at one point he wakes up - Brutal Legend.

  • Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom

    Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom

    Game Version: v 1.02

    Genre: Action

    Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom is a role-playing adventure that allows you to travel through a unique world doomed by fragmentation on the planet Maher. Explore an interactive world as you take control of chado and his 4 partners. Each hero can be developed by mixing magic with combo punches, parries, and blocks, and then try to implement the skills in battles.

  • Fallout: Story Jackal

    Fallout: Story Jackal

    Game Version: v 0.03

    Genre: Action

    Fallout: Story Jackal - global modification on the Fallout 2 engine. Mechanics and gameplay features fully replicate the original game. The project stands out with a brand new storyline and characters. Players take on the role of an aspiring raider. The adventure kicks off at the Jackals' base.

    Wasteland and two cities are available for exploration.

  • Ys: The Oath in Felghana

    Ys: The Oath in Felghana

    Game Version: Full Last Release

    Genre: Action

    Ys: The Oath in Felghana is a remake of the 16-bit old-school classic that was released back in 1989. Is a standard jRPG video game with action elements. Take control of a red-haired adventurer named Adol christine, and together with his companion, Dougie, save Felghana from the hordes of violent monsters wreaking havoc throughout the area.

  • Armored Xpress

    Armored Xpress

    Game Version: Full Last Release

    Genre: Action

    Users in Armored Xpress take the role of a special agent 117, who must deliver an important package through hostile territory. Players will use special robots to move through an alternate universe, capable of moving quickly across the battlefield and fighting with firearms. Battles are performed in an unusual form, where it is necessary to collect in the course of the battle elements and chains of colored dice in the style of "three in a row", To attack and defend successfully in real time.

  • Isles of Adalar

    Isles of Adalar

    Game Version: v build 0.5 | Early Access [New Version]

    Genre: Adventure

    Isles of Adalar, a fantasy adventure with an open world. Gameplay includes two modes: single-player and cooperative. Gamer chooses between first-person and third-person perspectives to explore vast territory. There is a level and scenario editor, as well as the ability to use content created by other users. Here you can create original locations, enemies, items or quests to make your own campaign or more.

  • Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide

    Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide

    Game Version: v 1.3.1 - Ultimate Edition

    Genre: Action

    Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide is a supremely addictive strategy game that packs an epic battle with adventure elements. All the action takes place in first person. The game's storyline tells us about the fantasy universe.

    The game takes place in a city teeming with ruthless monsters, half-humans and half-rats. The world is on the brink of destruction, the Dark Gods want to destroy the world of mortals and spread madness and chaos in every scrap of land.

  • The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut

    The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final cut

    Game Version: v 1.1.0b(B)

    Genre: Action

    A third-person role-playing game, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final cut forces us to fully explore Borgovia with a beautiful companion who ends up not being human at all. Science in the game whipsaw its superiority over ordinary people, and scientists are considered to be gods here. While Van Helsing hunts for vampires, humanity's best minds are trying to come up with cures for disease, as well as a serum that makes humans controllable vampires.

  • Sentinel: Cursed Knight

    Sentinel: cursed Knight

    Game Version: Full Last Release

    Genre: Action

    Sentinel: cursed Knight is a third-person role-playing game set in the fictional universe of Kashwain. Play as a knight of the Holy Order, investigating a mysterious case of national importance. The protagonist possesses a wide variety of abilities, uses a wide variety of equipment and weapons, including ranged and melee weapons.

  • Gustavo Kingdom Rebirth

    Gustavo Kingdom Rebirth

    Game Version: Full Last Release

    Genre: Action

    Gustavo Kingdom Rebirth is a third-person role-playing adventure whose events take place in Gustavo's empire. All the women rule here. The main character named Nali has been imprisoned because she was accused of murdering the queen. The youngest princess Nari is chosen as the rightful ruler. The elder Nali, after two years in prison, decides to escape to clear her good name and find the true murderer of her mother.

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