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Often, 2D games are games with an overhead view, i.e. the camera The camera is directly perpendicular or at an angle above the character, or Side-view or "third-person" games, where the gameplay is presented panorama view. 2D graphics originally used bitmaps, which later evolved to 8-bitmaps. graphics, later evolving to 8-bit and then to 15/16-bit in what is known as HighColor, so-called HighColor, and then 24-bit, known as TrueColor, and, finally 48 bit image - DeepColor.
  • Freedom Planet

    Freedom Planet

    Game Version: v 1.21.5 [New Version]

    Genre: Action

    Freedom Planet is a platformer which was originally developed as a fan game in Sonic Universe. Three anthropomorphic creatures to choose from: Dragon Girl Lilac, cat carol, and Basset Hound Milla. Friends are aided by the alien Tork, who helps the heroes fight against the villain Lord Brevon. The antagonist yearns to take over the entire galaxy, and only a trio of protagonists can stop him.

  • Knight Squad

    Knight Squad

    Game Version: Full Last Release

    Genre: Action

    Knight Squad is a fast-paced arcade game set in a cartoony fantasy setting and designed for up to 8 players. Perspective is represented by a top-down camera. You move around the battlefield, which has a lot of different objects and obstacles. Your task in Knight Squad is to take down all your opponents.

    Swiftly move around the scene, swinging your sword.

  • Legend of kyrandia

    Legend of kyrandia

    Game Version: Full Last Release

    Genre: Adventure

    Legend of kyrandia uses a medieval fantasy setting. In a land called Kirandia, the jester Malcolm is rampaging. He gained magical powers, killed King William and his wife Katherine. For this, the magicians imprisoned him in a magical dungeon. Over the years, however, their spell grew weaker and weaker, and one day the villain broke out of his confinement. He's taken revenge on everyone and turned the chief court wizard, Kallak, to stone.

  • Moo Lander

    Moo Lander

    Game Version: v 1.1.0 | Early Access [New Version]

    Genre: Action

    Moo Lander is an adventure platformer in which you control the last remaining spaceship in the Lander civilization. You will have to go in search of an endless source of milk. Solve a huge number of puzzles, fight enemies, and try to rebuild civilization after the great War. To get an endless supply of milk, you will need to discover a special device for its production.

  • JetsnGuns 2

    JetsnGuns 2

    Game Version: v 1.03 [New Version]

    Genre: Action

    Jets'n'Guns 2 is a sequel to the well known horizontal scrolling shooter that was released back in 2004. After 16 years the developers decided to present the community of gamers long-awaited sequel with a new campaign, improved gameplay and, of course, an updated graphical component.

    Events continue to unfold in deep space.

  • Stick Fight: The Game

    Stick Fight: The Game

    Game Version: v of 05.06.2019 + Multiplayer

    Genre: Action

    Stick Fight: The Game is a multiplayer platformer with fighting game elements. Players control multicolored humans, overcoming obstacles and battling each other.

    The core gameplay consists of moving, jumping and reacting. There will be deadly obstacles in the path of the heroes, which will take the lives of all those who hesitate a little and do not react to the situation.

  • Flat Kingdom Papers Cut Edition

    Flat Kingdom Papers cut Edition

    Game Version: Full Last Release

    Genre: Action

    Flat Kingdom Paper's cut Edition is a 2D platformer that takes you to a fictional Flat Kingdom made entirely of cardboard. The world is under attack from the most terrifying three-dimensional threat! To keep the kingdom flat, you must fight back against three-dimensional invaders!

    Play as the hero named Ploskton.

  • Angvik


    Game Version: v 1.5

    Genre: Action

    Angvik is a fantasy adventure where you play the hero who decides to fight the barbarians who invaded the castle all by himself. Armed with your father's weapon, go out to face the dangers. You are not alone on this journey. The birds will help you and show you the right path.

    Meet a variety of creatures that you will have to deal with.

  • Serious Sam Double D XXL

    Serious Sam Double D XXL

    Game Version: v 1.0.2r10

    Genre: Action

    Serious Sam Double D XXL brings the legendary shooter into 2D side-scroller style. The main attraction of the game is the ability to mount weapons on each other to become the menace of Mental's army. This feature is called "Gunsmith" and it literally allows you to fire all the cannons at once.

    The gameplay is grounded in co-op. The second player will take control of a guy named Huff.

  • Ogre Tale

    Ogre Tale

    Game Version: Full Last Release

    Genre: Action

    Ogre Tale is an anime-inspired action-adventure game in which you must take control over the three ogre sisters Ran, Hana and Yume and their cat Irohe. The girls have to clean the streets of the city from various fairy-tale creatures who used to be heroes but have now gone over to the side of evil.

    Ogre Tale gameplay can be described as a dynamic beat-em-up set in modern Japan.



    Game Version: v 1.2 [New Version]

    Genre: Action

    The genre of the game is smash 'em up with a shooter. We play as a character who is trying to escape from the clutches of invaders. On the way to freedom, we will use opponents as human shields, take their weapons and armor. And, as a bonus, the developers added a lot of jazz to the game as a musical accompaniment. APE OUT is one of those games that does not strain you with its difficult plot, but constantly keeps you in suspense.

  • Copy Kitty

    copy Kitty

    Game Version: v 3.2.1 [New Version]

    Genre: Action

    copy Kitty is a side-scrolling arcade action-platformer. The game boasts dynamic gameplay and an unusual skill system. The main character can copy the power of any enemy. It can carry up to 3 skills at a time. Skills Allowed to combine. 175 combinations offer the opportunity for experimentation. In this title, you must rush forward and destroy everything in your path.

  • STRIKERS 1945

    STRIKERS 1945

    Game Version: Full Last Release

    Genre: Action

    STRIKERS 1945 is a top shooter that was first released on arcade slot machines in the last century. The re-release of this classic includes all the content that was available at the time, only the graphics have been changed, with more colors and special effects. The game supports the connection of an external controller, which will be useful for the passage of the cooperative with one monitor.

  • Meeple Station

    Meeple Station

    Game Version: v 1.0.6 [New Version]

    Genre: RPG

    Meeple Station is a space station control and order simulator. The player controls the little people of Meeple, who work on the station. The player's tasks include keeping the shuttle alive and expanding it further. You must explore the far reaches of the galaxy, extract resources and engage in trade to maintain its life support.

    Intelligent design is at the heart of the gameplay.

  • Among Us

    Among Us

    Game Version: v 70 + all DLc + Multiplayer [New Version]

    Genre: Action

    Among Us - multiplayer game designed for simultaneous presence on the server from 4 to 10 people for exciting gameplay with a variety of scenarios. Setting of the project is a borderless outer space, in which the cards are located with different from each other device surrounding objects. casual control and the ability to play over a local network in cross-platform mode, makes it possible to invite a noisy company to spend time together on the project "Among Us".

  • Vive le Roi

    Vive le Roi

    Game Version: Full Last Release

    Genre: Adventure

    Act as the protector of the king offers Vive le Roi. "Vive le Roi" - This is the translation of the game's title, which has become the traditional greeting of the ruler. Game project combines a platformer and a puzzle, the action of which takes place in France. It was a hard time for our country and people: the Great Revolution.

    Revolutionaries want to see the then ruler of the country, Louis XVI, executed.

  • Petyka and Vasily Ivanovich Saving the Galaxy. Reloaded

    There's a civil war going on, which has reached the village of Gadyukino.

    Petyka and Vasily Ivanovich are Saving the Galaxy. Reboot

    Game Version: v 1.0 (update 1) [New Version]

    Genre: Adventure

    Petyka and Vasily Ivanovich Saving the Galaxy. Reloaded is a point-n-click quest about iconic characters who, together with Anka the Gunslinger, are defending this time not only the planet but the entire galaxy!

    There is a civil war that has reached the village of Gadyukino. On one side of the Urals lurks the Red Army, with chapaev as commander, and on the other lurks the unscathed troops of the Whiteguards.

  • Last Year's Snow Fallen. Gold Edition (game)

    Last Year's Snow Has Fallen. Golden Edition (game)

    Game Version: Full Last Release

    Genre: Adventure

    Last year's snow has fallen is a humorous quest. The project was based on the cartoon of the same name. Main character is voiced by the same actor. The graphics are in the plasticine visual style of the original. Adventure game has a different storyline than the original. If in the cartoon man was looking for a christmas tree on New Year's Eve, then in the video game adaptation of the same nameless anti-hero is engaged in search of a bath.

  • Citizens of Earth

    citizens of Earth

    Game Version: Full Last Release

    Genre: RPG

    citizens of Earth is a quality satire on retro games and modern politics that is sure to make you have fun. The story of a clueless vice president and his equally clumsy constituents, saving the Earth from evil.

    Structurally, this is traditional Japanese-style role-playing territory. You wander through cities, towns, forests, beaches, and beyond, searching houses, talking to locals, and engaging in battles with thugs and hostile flora and fauna, looking for new characters to add to your team.

  • Party Hard

    Party Hard

    Game Version: v 1.4.038r [New Version]

    Genre: Action

    Party Hard - development of Ukrainian computer games development team on the famous engine Unity. The main tools for the gamer in overcoming difficulties, presented in numerous levels, will be the tactics and stealth skill. This project became famous and popular, so a sequel was released, developing the ideas of the original.

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