2010-2015 games for pc [Free full download]

  • Nimble Quest

    Nimble Quest

    Game Version: Full Last Release

    Genre: Action

    Nimble Quest redefines gameplay "Snakes". Instead of a reptilian creature that keeps growing in length, here walks a growing squad of heroes. And the static food that was to be consumed in the original is replaced here with moving enemies. Opponents are not killed with a single touch, and actively deal damage in return. Facing them head-on is undesirable.



    Game Version: v 1.0.10246.0 | complete Edition &+ 8 DLc&#New Version

    Genre: Action

    Mankind has colonized EDN 3, but no one expected the cold planet to show itself in such a way. The plot of LOST PLANET 3 is as usual strange, unusual and full of adventure. Developers have left players with a beloved first-person shooter in stunning graphics and unique monsters. We play as the pilot of the ship Jim Payton. He's among the pioneers at coroniss base training to take over a new planet.

  • Lords of Football

    Lords of Football

    Game Version: v [+ 3 DLc] - Royal Edition

    Genre: Indi

    Lords of Football is a soccer simulation game in a rare genre for the sport - "God mode". The player must not only control the club, which can be created from scratch, choosing your own name, colors, logo, type of players to them, change their names and so on, but also influence the lives of their charges with controls such as The Sims.

  • Chernobyl Commando

    chernobyl commando

    Game Version: v 1.22

    Genre: Action

    More than a quarter of a century after the explosion at chernobyl in chernobyl commando. After that, a radioactive cloud forms over a vast part of Europe. Terrorists decide to take over the area to exploit the radioactive waste. As a result, an armed conflict begins between them and the Ukrainian and Russian militaries.

    Spec Ops, a U.S. organization that sends a couple of its best agents to fight terrorists in order to prevent them from obtaining a deadly artifact.

  • Another World - 20th Anniversary Edition

    Another World - 20th Anniversary Edition

    Game Version: Full Last Release

    Genre: Action

    Another World - 20th Anniversary Edition - anniversary re-release of the classic Another World game from 1991. The game got a partially redesigned locations that are now more detailed. In settings you can choose one of 3 difficulty levels. The type of musical accompaniment - original or remastered - is also defined.

    The action, like before, takes place in a sci-fi setting.

  • Speedball 2 HD

    Speedball 2 HD

    Game Version: v [New Version]

    Genre: Action

    Speedball 2 HD is a re-release of the original project, presented as a futuristic sports simulator. In a cyberpunk world, the user will become an athlete in a game that combines speed hockey and handball with lightning-fast action. The original game, released in 1990, has undergone many changes. Main innovations are in graphics and effects.

  • Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist

    Tom clancy's Splinter cell Blacklist

    Game Version: v 1.0.3 - Deluxe Edition [New Version]

    Genre: Action

    As part of Tom clancy's Splinter cell Blacklist, there are insurgents who have made demands of the government, putting the "black list" - a list of things and explosions that will be carried out if the American forces do not retreat. The blacklist includes economically important objects for the country, so the Fourth Echelon is sent to neutralize a gang of rebels blackmailing the government.

  • Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl - Old Episodes. Episode 2. War of Zone

    Stalker: Shadow of chernobyl - Old Episodes. Episode 2. War of Zone

    Game Version: v 1.0004

    Genre: Action

    Stalker: Shadow of chernobyl - Old Episodes. Episode 2. War of Zone features two storylines, each with their own events and denouements. choosing to advance in the story grouping of the military, the user in addition will get a little surprise. In general, to complete the quest tasks, the player will have various instructions that will make it easier.

  • The Typing of The Dead: Overkill

    The Typing of The Dead: Overkill

    Game Version: v

    Genre: Action

    The Typing of The Dead: Overkill is a first-person shooter with elements of horror and comedy from the legendary House of the Dead series. There are unique mechanics to participate in the kills and typing here, creating an original gameplay experience each new run.

    You will visit the role of a survivor in the city, which is the center of outbreak of unknown virus. There are mutants roaming everywhere, some of them weak and slow, and the rest are able to run fast, smell a person from hundreds of meters away and survive after 5 hits in the head with a gun.

  • DLC Quest

    DLc Quest

    Game Version: v 1.2.4806.1711 [New Version]

    Genre: Action

    DLc Quest makes a mockery of current trends in the video game industry. Especially the practice of studios and publishers to cut the finished project into pieces to sell to gamers "finished" product at full price and offer the downloadable content (which should have been there in the first place) as an add-on for an extra fee. Also, developers tease the fans to insert in single-player projects stores with skins and weapons that do not fit into the setting or ruin the whole balance.

  • Gulman 3

    Gulman 3

    Game Version: v 0.5 (Beta) | Early Access [New Version]

    Genre: Action

    Gulman 3 is the sequel to the acclaimed UN Special committee on culture Reconstruction in the World. This time, Gulman offers a full multiplayer instead of a single-player campaign, which is represented by 50 characters. Notably, the main character has gotten rid of his crimson jacket and now wears black.

    The game does not change its features and roots, adhering to the same goal: to make players be confused by the gameplay.

  • Warside


    Game Version: v

    Genre: Action

    Warside is a multiplayer action-platformer, which took its inspiration from the classic contra Force, if it was made entirely in 3D. Despite the full three-dimensional space, you can not rotate the camera, moving the hero only on two axes. combat mechanics is a tense and dynamic shooter.

    Varside has role-playing elements.

  • Receiver


    Game Version: Full Last Release

    Genre: Action

    Receiver is a single-player first-person shooter that uses advanced mechanics to simulate the detailed handling of Glock-17, colt 1911 and S&W Model 10 "Victory". Also, the three weapons got real ballistics, and the ability to ricochet off metal structures. Reloading takes place in turn-based mode, you must perform a few actions before continuing to shoot.

  • Real World Racing

    Real World Racing

    Game Version: Full Last Release

    Genre: Sport

    Real World Racing is an arcade racing game with a view from above. Indie title notable for its atypical visual style. At the creation of locations were used pictures of cities taken from above. This approach makes it seem as if cars are driving on satellite images. But the developers have not only borrowed pictures, but also finished drawing over them some objects.

  • The Yawhg

    The Yawhg

    Game Version: v 1.1

    Genre: Adventure

    The Yawhg is a vivid quest for one or four players. Each new launch story has unique events randomly generated. The plot tells the story of how an evil creature nicknamed The Yawhg returns to the village. What will their life be like now? What their life will be like when the dreaded Yawg reappears on their lands?

    You have six weeks to prepare for the arrival of the monster.

  • XCOM: Long War

    XcOM: Long War

    Game Version: v 1.0 final [New Version]

    Genre: Strategy

    XcOM: Long War - custom modification designed to expand the gameplay of the original tactical turn-based strategy in a sci-fi setting. Especially well this mod will fit into the collection of XcOM fans and those for whom Enemy Within seemed too short.

    Not only does the modification expand the boundaries of the story campaign, but it also brings several important and serious innovations to the game.

  • Age of Conan: Unchained

    Age of conan: Unchained

    Game Version: Full Last Release

    Genre: Action

    Age of conan: Unchained - very interesting RPG in a fantasy genre with action-adventure elements. This game is the third in a series of games with the same name.

    The story is about a magical world with many countries and races that inhabit all the lands. The game was created on a paid basis, but there is a free rather stripped-down version.

  • Bloody Trapland

    Bloody Trapland

    Game Version: v 1.50 [New Version]

    Genre: Action

    Bloody Trapland is an action-platformer, with over a hundred levels of varying length, forcing the player to show their abilities to the fullest for the completion of the game. Despite the colorful graphics, similar in style to the cartoon, the project is full of violence, blood and dismemberment. For those who have overcome all the challenges of the story campaign, which takes more than 10 hours, you can try to create your own levels with the built-in constructor, as well as passing through custom maps.

  • Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space

    Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space

    Game Version: Full Last Release

    Genre: Adventure

    Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space is a mixture of space simulator and simplistic RPG. In addition, the indie title has strategic elements. This is part of the popular in certain circles series.

    The galactic map is randomly generated in Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space. The game invites you to explore star systems, interact with members of alien races, engage in trade, set upgrades, and fight aggressive types of aliens.

  • Racing Manager 2014

    Racing Manager 2014

    Game Version: Full Last Release

    Genre: Sport

    Racing Manager 2014 is a chance to feel like the head of a professional team preparing and participating in car racing "Formula One". The player's tasks will include full management of resources and assignment of duties to subordinates or race participants. You have to recruit people, selecting the best personnel and placing them in the right positions to achieve productivity and high efficiency in the work process.

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